Moses Never Existed, Exodus Never Happened, Scholars Agree


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Code Of Hammurabi, Stele. Credits: Wikipedia

"Another noted scholar, Thomas Thompson, Professor of the Old Testament at the U. of Copenhagen, goes even further. He challenged the supposed history of the ancient Israelites. He stated: “There is no evidence of a ‘United Monarchy,’ no evidence of a capital in Jerusalem or of any coherent, unified political force that dominated western Palestine, let alone an empire of the size the legends describe. We do not have evidence for the existence of kings named Saul, David or Solomon; nor do we have evidence for any temple at Jerusalem in this early period.”


“Freke and Gandy underscored how, “In truth, the Ark of the Covenant... was never lost, just deleted from the record by an editorial hand when it became a liability.”

"Authors Freke and Gandy also said, “The account of Moses’ birth is a retelling of the myth of the birth of Sargon the Great, the king of Akkad, which is known in a number of variations from the early sixth century BCE. Like Moses, the child Sargon is ‘set in a basket of rushes’ and ‘cast into the river,’ from which he is later rescued by an influential woman. Similar Greek stories tell of the child Dionysus confined in a chest and thrown into the river Nile. These probably all go back to Egyptian stories which tell of Osiris confined in a chest and thrown into the Nile.”.

For the complete text, see the article:  "Will Debunking the Exodus “Myth” be Hollywood’s Next Hit?" by Mr. William Hughes at:


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